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degrassi_elites's Journal

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Welcome to degrassi_elites, an RPG community for the show Degrassi: The Next Generation. We are not the actual characters and are in no way affliated with them. We're just fans.

The Rules are simple-

1. The game is taking place in third year, in which Emma's class is in Grade 9, and Ashley's class is in Grade 10.

2. The characters must be played realistically and true to their character on the show. Meaning no outrageous slash. And since this is based off a teenage show, and teenagers do have sex, well, that shouldn't be what this community is based on, although if your characters think they're ready (and it's agreed by both muns!), just hint at it.

3. While this is taking place in 3rd year, that doesn't mean we have to follow it's plotline word for word. It all depends on what you want to do to your character. However, any MAJOR plot twists need to be discussed with the moderator (ohmyjen) first.

4. You either need to make a new journal for your character or provide your own, and you do need a user icon of that character so we'll know who you're posting as. If you don't know how to make LJ icons, I would be more than happy to make one for you.

5. And finally, after this gets rolling, original characters will be accepted. First of all though, a majority of the actual characters must be being played first. All ideas for original characters must first be discussed with the moderator, though, before you start playing them.

Characters- Muns playing them

Grade 10
Ashley Kerwin- pianochick34
Craig Manning- photoguitarist
Ellie Nash- carebearfairyay
Hazel Aden-
Jimmy Brooks-
Marco Del Rossi- autopilots
Paige Michalchuk- lil_daredevil
Spinner Mason-
Terri Macgreggor- xpaperflowersxx

Grade 9
Emma Nelson- emma_tng
JT Yorke-
Liberty Van Zandt- degrassimaniac
Manny Santos- miss_manny
Sean Cameron-
Toby Issacs-
Chris Sharp-

Grade 8
Kendra -

Dylan Michalchuk - joeyplot03