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Fanfic : Craige

Title : Craige.
Fandom : Degrassi.
Disclaimer : I don't own Degrassi.
Characters : Craig, Paige, Manny.
Gendre : Romance / Hurt.
Summary : A Craige hook-up, Craig is with Manny.  Paige is newly single.
Rating :PG-13.
Comments : I always wanted to explore this couple!

( Craig and Paige are sitting side by side on the bleachers behind a sticker bush.)

Paige : Hey........

Craig : Hey, Paige
.... ( a sad look plastered on his face.)

Paige : Are you ok hun ? ( She shoots Craig a concerned look. )

Craig : Uh, me and me and Manny had a big fight.

Paige : I'm sore-y hun.

Craig : Um...thanks.

( They lean in close to each other.  They share a soft kiss. )

Craig : Paige, I didn't mean, it wasn't...I was wasn't...

Paige : I know hun, it's...totally okay...

( Suddenly, Craig sees Manny looking at them through the bush.  She gasps and darts the other way. )

Craig : It's Manny ! Get down !

( They both crouch down behind the bush. )

( Later that day, Manny spots Paige in the hallway and slaps her across the cheek. )

Paige : What...?!

Manny : I saw you making out with Craig!

Paige : Sore-y hun, accidents happen, you should know that better than anybody...

Manny : First, Spinner, Mr. O, Alex, and now Craig ? You are the Degrassi merry-go -round aren't you Paige ?

Paige :You made out with Spinner while he was still with me remember ?  Anyway,  Craig is no saint, he had you and Ashley at the same time.......

( Enraged, Manny takes off.  Manny finds Craig and slaps him.)

Manny : You made out with Paige ? !!!

Craig : Manny , please it just happenend, it was nothing.  It didn't mean anything.........really !

Manny : Whatever, Craig ! It's over !

( Manny storms down the hall...)

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